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About Us

"Serinah and the Butterfly"

Rhonda Reif MBA, has written a motivational book to inspire children and adults.  This is a true story about believing in yourself and accomplishing anything you set your mind and focus on achieving.

Rhonda Reif is a
Keynote Speaker,Trainer, Author,
Consultant & Entrepreneur

She has written a series of published articles on  health and wellness, has a regular monthly radio program, and has released her own relaxation CD. 

She is the owner of the following businesses: 

Stress Management Center & Shop

Holistic Horizons Institute of Healing Arts

Pathways to Tranquility is her latest venture

She has created her own line of relaxation and natural personal  & body care products.  (Serinah also has a line of natural pet products that Rhonda has created.)  She was the first place winner of the best new business idea/plan in her county.  She utilized the prize money to launch her new product line at the international trade show in Denver. (2009)


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